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Multi-level Offerings in Vertical Development

VeDA is pleased to announce its programs for 2024…

LEVEL ONE: Perspective Building

You may join an online or an in-person program to complete the LMF Foundations Certificate that provides you with a solid grounding in the Leadership Maturity Framework.

LEVEL TWO: Practice Building

After completing Level One, you may join an online or in-person program to complete the LMF Practitioner Certificate, for Coaches and Learning Practitioners.

LEVEL THREE: Credentialing

After completing Level Two Coach Practitioner Certificate, you may join an online program to get trained in debriefing the MAP profile.

Polarity Wisdom Programs

Embracing Complexity with Polarity Wisdom

In this interactive one-day workshop, we will introduce you to a critical tool, a lens, a way of thinking itself that will help you transform how you address day-to-day and strategic issue. You will learn how to use this new awareness of polarities to address complex issues in more comprehensive and sustainable ways in both your work and your relationships.

Polarity Wisdom for the LCP

Designed exclusively for LCP coaches and practitioners, this program will show you how to add Polarity Wisdom™ to your coaching and transform the way you work with the Leadership Circle Profile™

Do you want to assess your stage of development?

Your Maturity Profile (MAP) shows how far you have matured through the stages of human development. Based on rigorous research, the MAP provides a fine-tuned and nuanced developmental profile, offering quantitative and qualitative insights. The MAP Experience is conducted online via our secure MAP platform. After you receive the MAP report, a certified Leadership Maturity Coach (LMC) will meet with you to debrief your MAP results, as well as work with you on your developmental goals.

Do you want a coach to support your vertical development?

We offer Leadership Maturity Coaching (LMC), a well-developed practice that can support you to explore your current stage of development and discover where you are headed while collaborating with you to apply the best tools and practices to get there. LMC not only expands, deepens, and enriches your current ways of making meaning, it goes further by facilitating transformations in how you interpret and address your day-to-day challenges in your work, your relationships, and self-development.

Do you want to get trained in coaching for vertical development?

We offer experienced coaches and leaders deep, hands-on training in vertical development. Our Developing Leadership Maturity (DLM) intensives focus on how to enable ongoing growth in yourself as well as those you support. As a leader, educator, coach, consultant, or OD practitioner, you will understand more clearly the capacities and limitations of your clients and be able to more powerfully support them in their vertical development journey.

Do You Wonder . . .?

Your organization commits considerable resources to leadership
development. How can you tell if your investment has been valuable and
effective? Perhaps these are some questions you ask yourself.

How can we identify and measure a leaderu2019s developmental stage?

What aspects of maturity do our leaders demonstrate and what gaps remain in their development?

How do we know whatu2019s next in a leaderu2019s development?

How much have our leaders grown?

How do we measure return on our investment in terms of shifts in developmental stages?

Having worked extensively in vertical development, we can provide quantitative and qualitative evidence in response to your questions.

More About Us

What we Do

We carry deep expertise in the area of assessing the stage of development of adults, supporting their ongoing growth through tailored coaching. We also develop these capabilities in professionals.

Who we Serve

We serve leaders, teams, and organizations, helping them re-vision their developmental paths. We work with trained coaches invested in vertical development of their clients, providing exceptionally impactful tools.

Who we Are

We are a global consulting, assessment, coaching, and research enterprise dedicated to vertical leadership development in individuals, teams, and organizations. We have an expert network of certified assessors and coaches.

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Interested in applying vertical development within your leadership and organizational development endeavors?


Go Deeper

If you would like to delve into the depth of our work in vertical development,
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