We are committed to advancing the appreciation and practice of vertical development to evolve leaders, teams and organizations


What is Vertical Development?

Over the past four decades, research has identified vertical development as a critical aspect of how adults learn, grow and mature. This has major implications for ongoing personal and professional growth. Vertical development is different from “horizontal” growth and particularly relevant for leaders.

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The Leadership Maturity Framework

All growth depends on good theory that is based
on sound evidence and research. VeDA’s
Leadership Maturity Framework defines eight
stages of vertical development based on empirical
evidence gathered since the 1960s. Each stage is
generally more effective, flexible and insightful
than the one before.

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The MAP — VeDA’s Maturity Profile

VeDA’s Maturity Profile, the MAP, combines the
highly respected Washington University Sentence
Completion Test with Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter’s
extensive research in adult development. It
submits a definitive map of growth in the life of
an adult and reveals details about leadership
growth potential.

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Leadership Maturity Coaching

We use clients’ Maturity Profile to individualize the
coaching that both supports and challenges them
to develop horizontally and vertically. Our process—Leadership Maturity Coaching—applies insights
and information from their profiles to clarify the
developmental path ahead with suggested actions

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Using the MAP to Measure ROI

Those who design and implement learning programs for leaders in organizations should be concerned about being able to measure the benefits of their investment. The MAP can provide a picture of what we call Developmental-ROI, with details about the ways a leader has matured after engaging in learning initiatives.

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Polarity Wisdom and Stages

Tensions naturally pervade organizational life.
Mature leaders can discern two kinds of tensions:
problems and polarities. Problems can be solved
with “either-or” thinking. However, polarities
(paradoxes or dilemmas) are more complex and
involve interdependent alternatives, requiring
“both-and” thinking.

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Highly skilled coaches and consultants in our network bring decades of experience using a variety of diverse practices. We use the Leadership Maturity Framework, and the wisdom of polarities, in concert with the MAP to guide development. These “lenses” serve as a meta-framework to suggest detailed, tangible ways to bring about enduring shifts in our clients and their systems. Within this broad methodology, we integrate multiple tools and technologies to generate motivation, clarity, and results for our clients. The following list identifies technologies or psychometric systems we integrate across our coach network to achieve desired outcomes

  • Working with polarities
  • Clean language
  • Emotional intelligence
  • 360-degree feedback process
  • The Enneagram
  • Storytelling
  • Systems Theory
  • Voice dialogue
  • Large-scale change methodology
  • Action Reflection Learning (ARL)
  • Gendlin Process model
  • Constellation work
  • Holacratic leadership
  • Plus a variety of individual and team assessments