We 'MAP' the developmental paths of leaders. Our Harvard-tested maturity profile identifies and measures an individual’s level of maturity, and provides a clear pathway for the next stage of development.

Who We Serve

Corporate Learning Designers

You are a discerning buyer of learning services. You have decision-making authority in your part of the organization or your whole organization. You are particular about the quality of resources you contract. Keeping in step with the latest advances in understanding development is important to you. You are looking for well-developed, research-based frameworks that have greater explanatory power than those you have already explored. You also want to know just how impactful your interventions are. You are committed to developing leaders over time, recognizing that short-term skill building, while valuable, is not enough. We partner well with other providers you rely on, and go out of our way to work collaboratively with other partners. This ensures those you serve have an integrative learning experience, which is also important to us.

Executive Teams

You are part of a team or you lead a team and are looking for tools your team can collectively use to take you all to the next level. You are not quite clear what that next level looks like. You have probably implemented a few team development initiatives, such as 360-degree profiling or a “team building” workshop. You would now like to go deeper at the individual level, and pull in more insights that can be worked through at the team level. You wish your team members found it easier to give feedback to each other. You wonder what might be possible if there were greater appreciation and support for each other’s strengths. You are intrigued by the idea of having a team developmental coach who can co-create a measurable developmental path for your team. You also realize that change is hard, especially in an intact team that has been working together for a while.

Leaders at all levels

Organizations with more leaders at later levels of development have an important advantage over those that don’t. We support leaders at all levels with a variety of offerings tailored for stage development. For C-suite executives, senior leaders, middle-management learners, and emerging leaders, we offer layered services that progress over time in a structured way. For example, an emerging leader is first introduced to a strategic thinking tool such as Polarity Thinking, then receives 360-degree feedback, is coached for a period, before taking the MAP, and then continues with more targeted coaching based on the MAP. A C-suite executive, on the other hand, will first take the MAP, followed by developmental coaching, participate in a team development process, engage with a team coach, and then take the MAP again to calibrate shifts and evaluate potential going forward.

External and Internal Coaches

You are an independent coach leading, or part of, a small business. You offer executive coaching services to individuals and organizational clients. You may belong to an organization that offers its leaders the advantage of working with an executive coach. You may even be a mentor to emerging and high-potential leaders in your organization. In each case, using the lens of vertical development will significantly enhance the support you offer. We have certification programs for coaches to use our maturity framework and the MAP to more powerfully serve their clients’ development. We also coach coaches who would like to take the MAP experience and be more observant about their own shifting world-views. One of the biggest benefits of engaging with us is gaining an entry into our community of vibrant and enthusiastic coaches actively applying, and learning from, our framework and measurement protocols.